- Three swansby RichardFann
This work has reached the exceptional level
Taking time to absorb the beauty of three swans in flight.
Three swans by RichardFann
    This Is My Life! Contest Winner 


In the full afternoon sun
A swan takes off
Madly flapping,
Wings and feet splashing the lake
Then a second swan, then a third.

White elegance climbs
And glides to the other side,
Landing on the water.
The three take off again, together,
Into the wind, quickly rising.

They fly west
Back over the lake.
At the last moment, one returns.
The other two, a couple,
Fly on.

Watching from a bench
I realise
I should try
To come alongside
To dwell within
This beauty
Before I die.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem, short piece of fiction, or an essay about your philosophy of life. No more than 1000 words.
This Is My Life!
Contest Winner

Author Notes

This is what I saw today.

And I grapple with the beauty that is observed, that is before my eyes, that I am part of.

And how am I meant to respond?

Thanks for the photograph from FanStory database.


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