- crucifixionby RichardFann
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crucifixion by RichardFann
Easter Theme Acrostic contest entry

Convicted by stark harsh fists

Ridiculed by tearing wrath

Ugly contorted poisonous faces spitting anger

Condemned by a hail of concocted cant

Incriminated by a vortex of hate

Flogged by a flailing hard-armed Medusa whip

Inflicted by the sharpness of iron

X marks the spot for the nails

Impaled and executed in stages

Oblivion is dark like Orion

Null and void is the world.


Author Notes
The photo I took at St Giles, Cheadle, Staffordshire, England,
United Kingdom the Friday before Good Friday 2015.

Historical detail: by the time of the flogging,
Christ was probably striped and stark naked.

Medusa is the monster of Greek mythology,
who has venemous snakes in the place of hair.

Orion is the hunter.

'dark' refers to the eclipse during the crucifixion.

For some,
Easter is about chocolate bunnies;
or playing in a sunny park;
or dressing up in Easter bonnets.

Methinks all this is to avoid the truth.


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