- Don't Die Aloneby Lulube
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Fear throughout my life to die alone
Don't Die Alone by Lulube
    Phobias Contest Winner 

I need to be reassured, just need to know
Nine years and I still cuddled-up next to him
Panic filled me, I asked if he'd ever leave me
His arms held me tight. he answered, "Never"

Twenty-one days went by and he's gone, just up and left
Devastation still lingers within, twelve years later
I want and my heart bleeds, for a last, fulfilling love
Someone to believe and trust in, that will be there when I die

Unknown future looks grim, as is the present
My worst fear's alive, it's taunting and toiling with me
It's filled a decade-plus and I hate that I'm still alone
The clock keeps ticking and losing precious life-time

Pleading in my dreams for that caring, soothing hand to hold
My crying soul aches for the love, that will set my spirit free
I'm driving myself crazy, thinking/knowing, I will die alone

Writing Prompt
Write a 10-15 line free verse poem about a phobia you may have. We all have something that very much frightens us.
Contest Winner

Author Notes
always fear dying alone


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