- Disburse in a Puffby Treischel
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Get Well Wishes for Brooke
Get Well, Brooke!
: Disburse in a Puff by Treischel

A heartfelt thought for our friend Brooke
To change the path that her health took.
Our site all prays for her recovery.
We miss her words and personality.

And like a dandelion's fluffy head,
Whose seeds disburse on winds blown overhead,
We fervently hope our prayers are enough
To make her ills disappear in a puff.

But if the wind is not enough to free
Those ills that hang so strong and stubbornly,
They surely cannot still withstand the depth
Of grandson's smile, a puff of Sawyer's breath.

GET WELL Brooke!

Author Notes
We all love and miss you, and pray for your complete recovery.

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