- Transgender vs Women Rights?by lancellot
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: Transgender vs Women Rights? by lancellot

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

Setting: Lights brighten on Martin’s basement radio studio. His old microphone and chair are empty. Three small black laptops are on the panel. A series of cords and wires connect the laptops to three cell phones and the control panel.

Enter Martin
Martin sits at the panel and watches a news report on one of the laptops. He looks up at the clock on the wall and smiles. Martin presses a button on the control panel and the words ‘On Air” appears on screen one. Several yellow lights begin to flash on the panel. He slowly leans towards the microphone.

Martin: Hello America, and welcome to The Man Show. I am your humble and honest host, Martin the Man. I want to talk about a topic that may not be easy for everyone. In order to discuss this topic, it will be necessary to suspend the political correctness rules that have permeated western society to the point of destroying open discourse. Now here is my disclaimer: There will be no PC rules in this show. Those who are offended by their own shadows or are too sensitive to be touched should switch stations or turn away. I will wait five seconds for you to leave… Are they gone? Good! Let’s continue.

Lila Perry is a 17 year-old male, who as of this year, now self identifies as a female. Last year Lila self-identified as a gay male and has publically since the age of 13. The school gave Lila a personal restroom and a place to change. While Lila was okay with this at first, that has now changed. In this, Lila’s last year at the school, Lila wants to be in the girls’ locker room when the girls are present. I should point out that the typical age range of a high school student begins around 13-14 and ends around 17-18.

Lila’s demand has caused a division in the school and community with most against Lila’s desire. Most of the girls in the school, over 200 of them, staged a protest over the school’s decision to allow Lila access to the girls’ locker room with them.  It should be noted that males who self-identify as male are still barred from entering the girls’ locker room.

Lila has publicly called those protesting girls bigots and hate mongers. Lila claims to be a girl, despite having a penis and the body of a fully grown man. Lila does wear dresses and a wig now. Also, the media has embraced Lila and given the senior their full support. Lila was even praised in person on The View for ‘her’ courage in dealing with the bullies in her school, who never laid a finger on him or her.

Okay, let’s go to the phones.

Martin looks at the flashing yellow lights and the corresponding names on screen one. He presses a button and one flashing light turns solid.

Martin: Gale from Texas. You’re on.

Gale: Hello, Martin, let me first say, that I am a transgendered woman, and I fully support Lila in her fight against bigotry and ignorance. We are more than the sum of our parts. We are all the same and should be treated that way.

Martin: Thank you, Gale. I appreciate you calling in. Now you heard my disclaimer didn’t you?

Gale: Yes, I heard everything you said, and how you carefully avoided using any pronouns. Lila is a she or her, Martin.

Martin: Your opinion is noted, Gale.

Gale: It’s not my opinion. It’s a FACT!

Martin: I’m going to let another caller in on this. Let’s bring in Sarah from New Jersey.

He presses a button.

Sarah: Hi, Martin thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to ask um… what’s her name?

Martin: You’re on with Gale.

Sarah: Okay, Gale, as someone born a woman, I have no problem with transgendered people.

Gale: Good, because to me it doesn’t matter how you’re born...

Sarah: Hold on, I’m not done. I disagree with you and Lila. I don’t want to see the body of a man walking around naked with me or my daughter in the girl’s locker room. I don’t want our privacy being violated like that.

Gale: I am a woman, because that’s what I identify as. I have a right to be in the women’s locker room and I will fight any bigot who tries to deny my rights to be with other women.

Sarah: Two questions. What about the rights of natural women, and what if the natural women don’t want you?

Gale: Years ago, black people were not allowed to drink from the same water fountain or sleep in the same hotels as white people. Segregation and bigotry were wrong then and it’s wrong now. The fight for civil rights continues and I will…

Sarah: Hello? Earth to Gale, you did not answer either of my questions. You keep talking about your rights, but what about mine? Do natural women have any rights in your world or does your inherent male privilege dominate our rights and voice?

Gale: I am a woman, and I will not be denied the company of other women. Lila and I do not want to be bullied or made to feel uncomfortable by being isolated.

Sarah:  You’re not sounding like a woman, but I understand that since you were never a young girl who was insecure around boys looking at them. You have no idea how women feel and you clearly don’t care. Okay, Martin I see I’m talking to a brick wall. It’s late and my stomach is cramping really bad. Do you know how that feels, Gale? Good night, Martin.

Martin: Good night, Sarah.

He disconnects her line.

Gale: Bigots come in all forms, especially rude. I know what pain feels like.

Martin: I think Sarah was talking about feeling a different sort of pain that’s unique to women.

Gale: I don’t care what she feels or thinks. Transgender people have suffered long enough.

Martin reaches for a blinking light and presses it.

Martin: Let’s bring in Thomas from Rockford. You’re on Tommy.

Thomas: What up, Martin. Good show. To the man, lady, whatever Gale is. I think what you just said is a part of the whole problem. You as a transgender person don’t care what normal people feel or think. You call us bigots and bullies, but look how you treat our opinions, comforts and rights. You couldn’t care less what we want.

Gale: That’s not true. I am all for educating Cis-Gender, everyone is normal, people so they can understand what transgender people go through and feel. I want us to all live together peacefully in acceptance.

Thomas: There you go again. Man, do you even hear yourself?

Gale: I am not a man. I am a woman.

Thomas: Do you have a penis?

Gale: I am pre-op, not that it matters.

Thomas: Then you’re a dude.

Gale: You don’t get to decide my gender.

Thomas: And you don’t get to decide how I see you.

Gale: Spoken just like a bigot.

Thomas: You say that word a lot. I don’t think you really know what it means. It seems whoever disagrees with you is a bigot.

Martin: Inconceivable.

Thomas: What’s that, Martin?

Martin: Nothing, I was just thinking about a line from a movie I saw long ago. It’s called The Princess Bride; a very funny flick.

Gale: I’m not accomplishing anything here. Keep on living in your world of ignorance and hate.

Martin leans forward and closes Gale’s line, and opens another.

Martin: Gale is gone but we have Barbara from… well, look at this, she’s from Hillsboro.

Barbara: Hello, Martin, I can’t stay long. I just wanted to set the record straight. The media and Lila aren’t telling the whole truth. Most reporters and writers of news articles are only telling Lila’s side of things. When he/she is being interviewed they aren’t even letting those who disagree with her on the air. Lila was on The View, but no one from the other side was allowed on. They didn’t even ask Lila any real questions about how the hundreds of girls in the school felt. Most articles skip right over the girl’s concerns or feelings. It’s like the only rights and feelings that matter are Lila’s.

Martin: Yes, I did get that sense from watching the show and reading most Mainstream media outlets.

Barbara: My daughter knows Lila from school and for the first three years Lila claimed to be a boy and now that he’s about to leave, he wants to change with his naked female classmates before he graduates.

Hello, doesn’t that sound a little too convenient to anyone? He puts on a dress and a wig. That’s all he did; in his last school year, in his last gym class. Why isn’t anyone even asking how that looks? Why are Lila’s wants more important than over two hundred girls’ rights? Why isn’t any news person asking that? That’s all I wanted to say and one more thing, protesting for your rights or opinions doesn’t make you a bigot or bully. If it did, then aren’t all protesters bullies.

Thomas: And why isn’t anyone questioning Lila for demanding that teenage girls who don’t want to, be naked with him? I mean think about it. Lila doesn’t want to change in an isolated room alone, and then doesn’t want to change in the girl’s locker room alone either when the girls walked out. The school let Lila into the girl’s locker room, but Lila quit gym when the girls would not go into the locker room to change. Hello!

Also, Lila and I have the same body type. If I took my clothes off in front of a bunch of thirteen-year-old girls I would be arrested and registered as a sex offender. But now all I have to say is, ‘I feel like a woman’ and it’s okay with the adult authorities?

Martin: I wouldn’t try it, Thomas.

Martin leans back in his chair, rubs his eyes and then looks up at the clock. Okay, one more caller before the break. Let’s go with Simon in Miami.

Martin presses a button on his Console

Simon: Good evening, Martin. I just want to make a quick point, and then I’ll hang-up and listen. I am a gay man, but I have a sister who is transitioning to a male. We were discussing this story the other day. We don’t agree with everything Lila is doing, but we do understand why. The hardships gay and transgender teens go through is more than most people understand. What we, what they want most in the world is just to be accepted for who they are, and not judged.

Thomas: I hear you, Simon but what about other people? What about the girls in that locker room?

Simon: That’s the part where I disagree with how Lila is going about things at her school. She has feelings and wants, and she is courageous in standing up for what she believes is fair. The part that is flawed and this may be due to her only being seventeen and not fully mature in her thinking, Lila is trying to force others into accepting and viewing the world as she does.

Thomas: I think she wants the girls to accept her… as one of the girls.

Simon: Exactly, but you cannot force someone to love you or accept you; that is something they have to do on their own, in their own time. Lila, if she was older, probably would take the time to consider the girls point of view and feelings. I saw the interviews she did and those adults interviewing her, while trying to be respectful and empathetic, went too far and offered no wisdom. Lila is the minority here, but the minority isn’t always right. That’s all, Martin. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my views.

Thomas: Good night, Simon my brother. You have given me a lot to think about. Catch you later, Martin.

Martin reaches forward and closes all lines.

Martin: Many good questions were brought up tonight by the listeners. I thank them all. It is a sad state in our country when the media we give so much freedom to doesn’t bother to ask relevant questions.

Before I go to break I want to ask America a few relevant questions. Is this the great model of equality we’ve been waiting for?  Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?”

Is that not true? Are you a bigot if you side with the many? Good night, America. I’m Martin and I’m out.

Fade to Black


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