- Moon and Sun by lightink
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Double Acrostic Cleave-Sonnet
Moon and Sun by lightink
    Acrostic Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

    (It's a cleave poem: please read the left side first, then, the right, finally the whole poem.)


Moonbeam Sonata                   Sunray Concerto

Moon's glimmer sprinkles mystery  Sun radiates bold confidence
O'er dim but lively pair of eyes  Unfurling sacred consonance
Old songs bleed ancient history  New chants unveil the light within
Negating silence of limp lies  Resurfaced truth will lift the chin

Beyond a hidden stream of thought  Awakened senses serenade        
Emotions mingle in the dark  "Yes" flirts with "No", so unafraid
Ascending words will gently dot  Composure's vast and empty sky
Man's soul that holds a holy spark  Outdazzles every gloomy sigh
Still, under archetypal themes -  Nonetheless beyond our cosmos,
Or in the void between two breaths  Creation's power - with the utmost
Non-human knowledge stirs our dreams:  Elation speaks in angel verse
A call exceeding life and death  "Rejoin the endless universe!"
The ones who truly listen hear  The melody that moves each star
A song which draws life's forces near  Once mute, now tells us who we are.

Acrostic Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
It's a cleave: three poems in one:

Moonbeam Sonata (with blue font)
Sunray Concerto (with yellow font)
Moon and Sun (the combined poem)

Please read the in order.

Mostly iambic tetrameter, with one trochaic substitution (Nonetheless beyond our cosmos) and one feminine ending (utmost).

Alternative ending:
The ones who listen will perceive. The melody that moves each star
A song that God himself conceived Once mute, now tells us who we are.


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