- As Winter Gathersby w.j.debi
This work has reached the exceptional level
Mono rhyme
As Winter Gathers by w.j.debi

Abandoned nest on dying tree,
your stark and barren symmetry
evokes a woeful symphony
as winter gathers next to me.

The snow is deep and crisp, I see.
It drifts toward the phantom tree,
encroaching ghost on frozen sea,
as winter gathers next to me.

And though it sparkles prettily,
frost laces life so brittlely.
Its silence moans so mournfully
as winter gathers next to me.

Unleash the shadows, set them free.
Unchain their lost antiquity.
They're reaching for their destiny,
as winter gathers next to me.

The cold steals forth majestically
in echoes of eternity.
Soft whispers sigh, "We wait for thee,"
as winter gathers next to me.



Author Notes
Brrrrr. It is cold outside.

Thank you to Lloyd C. Taylor for the loan of the artwork "Winter Home"


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