- To the Artist by w.j.debi
This work has reached the exceptional level
Inspired by Angelheart's art
To the Artist by w.j.debi
    Angelheart Contest Winner 

Oh, what of Art? Elusive sprite
who deigns to torture, then delight.
Who plagues, and prods, and plays, and schemes,
and romps throughout our precious dreams.

Imagination percolates
and opens wide your daunting gates.
Ideas burst forth and freely rove;
your universe--a treasure trove.

The colors and the shapes evolve;
obscuring shadows all dissolve.
The artist captures what you are
from fairie world to shooting star.

But storming of your castle door
reveals for us, there's so much more.
You laugh, transform, then "poof" depart.
No, Art's not for the faint of heart.


Writing Prompt
Please go to your search space where you find pictures. Put in the artist Angelheart. Choose any picture she has made and pen any kind of poem about it. No more than twenty four lines please. Have fun as she is amazing.
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Thank you to Angelheart for the loan of the artwork "Lucy in The Sky". She really is amazing.


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