- Kindred Spiritsby mountainwriter49
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For a dear friend
: Kindred Spirits by mountainwriter49
    Blank Verse Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

Kindred Spirits
Blank Verse Shakesperean Sonnet Sequence

There is a kindred spirit ‘mongst we poets;
an easy thing to feel, but hard to voice
to those who cannot craft a verse by night’s
warm fire as Bacchus fills their cups with wine.
       Oh, how my poet does inspire with words
       resplendent  as she writes of verdant fields
       and lovers whose young hearts that have been pierced
       by Cupid’s arrow’s bliss.  Such love of life
imbues the flowing ink as she inscribes
the parchment laid beneath her thoughtful quill. 
But yet my poet hesitates; she feels
a friend’s pain cleaving night’s serenity.
       And thus my poet’s thoughts yield to her heart
       while pond’ring words to comfort friend’s distress.
While pond’ring words to comfort friend’s distress,
I pause and sip red wine and think of her
and all she faces in the midst of life’s
e’er fluid pages where the ink’s not dry.
       She is a poet of the grandest sort!
       Her soft aesthetics weave a tapestry
       of beauty as her verse flows forth in time
       with lyrics’ score as she thus contemplates.
But there between the lines of her fine verse,
I sense the deeper meanings she imparts
of disappointments and uncertainty...
and angst of that which hovers, yet unseen.
       Night’s darkness is transcended by sun’s rise
       as she finds goodness in all things each day.
As she finds goodness in all things each day,
my poet weaves love’s truest golden strands
with lapis chords of life’s sweet joy and threads
of crimson representing hurt and pain.
       Oh how she struggles with love’s tearful loss
       from family and friends who do not grasp
       how hateful words and actions cut so deep.
       They cannot see the heartache that they cause.
Despite her pain, my poet draws upon
her faith and finds great comfort scribed within
His scriptures penned so many years ago
when life began in Eden’s luscious realm.
       Her faith ensures that she shall rise beyond
       to savor life’s most true and wondrous love.

To savor life’s most true and wondrous love,
my friend thus contemplates such things and then
goes forth and touches family and friends
with love’s unquestioned, everlasting grace.
       I am amazed at how she can abide
       the time and stress she gives to those in need.
       But yet she thrives, endures with grace and smiles,
       while reaching out to those for whom she cares.
Yet those who feel her touch, know not of stress
befalling her soft countenance these weeks.
Continuing to minister to those
she loves, my friend demands her privacy.
       We’re taught to imitate Christ’s love in life,
       but it’s one’s choice to either love or hate.

But it’s one’s choice to either love or hate
while searching life’s rough pathways for one’s dreams.
My friend has walked these paths and found her hopes
aligned with His most wondrous, gracious truths.
       And thus she thrives and perseveres throughout
       each day while giving to the ones she loves.
       Her outreach seems to stir her slumb’ring muse
       to write emotive verse that touches me.
While she may suffer deep within her heart,
my Poet’s starched her back and forges on.
Her sleepless nights are known to but a few,
‘tis then when she will pen resplendent verse.
       Such is the grace of God’s sweet chosen lot,
       My friend inspires me each and every day.

My friend inspires me each and every day
while reading poetry she’s penned at night.
Her words remind me of life’s temp’rament
and how to find the beauty in night’s fog.
       Her soft words speak so sweetly of her love
       for family and all that God’s provided.
       She writes of nature’s beauty and sun’s glow
       as it ascends Earth’s rim to start anew.
Despite the broken weave in tapestry’s
most perfect patterns representing her
life’s grace and love, its hurt and joy—she thrives.
And all the while I pray as I yet fear
       for her throughout the days and nights to come.
       There is a kindred spirit ‘mongst we poets.
17 April 2016
Blank Verse Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
POETIC FORM: Blank Verse Shakespearean Sonnet Sequence

This poetic form utilizes the form of the Shakespearean sonnet, but instead of utilizing an end-rhyme pattern, it utilizes blank verse. It is written in iambic pentameter, including some feminine verse endings. The sequence is achieved by the last line of the first sonnet also serving as the first line of the second sonnet, and so forth, until the last line of the last sonnet becomes the first line of the first sonnet, thus completing the sequence.


Thinking of a dear friend who is also a wonderful poet.

Thank you for reading my poetry.


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