- A Wild-Land Firefighterby poetsteve15
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A Wild-Land Firefighter by poetsteve15
The Life He Almost Lived writing prompt entry
To the wild firefighters who lost their lives.

Picture by Pinterest
A Wildland Firefighter
A boy grew up in Northern Idaho and he grew to love the
forest so much that when he became of age
he wanted stay in them and keep them safe any form of harm
that would come their way, so he became a firefighter.
Not just any firefighter, but a wildland hot shot
firefighter, one's that dug the lines and put them
out with shovels, burlap sacks and pulaskis
to stop any wildfire that would come his way,
A job where ninety percent would turn tail and run
he loved to look back see if the line him his crew built
would hold, if it did he would think "job well done today;"
cause on the next fire he might not get so lucky and stop it.
Some fires he beat; some fires he lost, he didn't mind
so much because you see he knew he couldn't win them
all, but that was what he lived for, too see if he could
beat the fire Gods or not, just so long as his men were
safe, I know this be true because you see, that boy was me...
June 26, 2016

Writing Prompt
Many people talk about what they wanted to do with their lives... what they should have done, the lives they almost lived. Write a poem that captures this.

Author Notes
I did this for 24 years and loved every minute of it, It was job that could ever get enough of it. The picture come Pinterest. This is for guys who lost lives last year while fighting fires. we all know it can or could happen we just wish it is never us, I was lucky My two blow ups I got out of them unharmed. The one that I stayed for is another story. "Yellowstone"


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