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What would you give to see that smile? (a poem)
To Want More by Ideasaregems-Dawn

To Want More

Is it so wrong to want to dwell where eagles soar?
To offer praise, to live in faith, but still want more?
I need to feel a salt sea spray upon my face,
spelunk a cave, to dive a reef, to run a race

with horses, splendorous in all their might,
(unless a breeze disturbs some grass, gives them a fright...)
I need to know the texture of an oyster, raw,
discover plants in B.C.'s park reserve, Lepas,

or dig for bones of dinosaurs in India -
mine amethyst, blue topaz in Siberia.
I want to swim with dolphins, ride a jet ski and...
I need to grow a peach tree on my neighbor's land

so she will always have delicious fruit to eat;
she's frail and cannot farm herself, but likes the treat.
Will I be here to see it when it starts to bud?
I'm sorry, you can't answer now; they've come for blood.

You see, I'm still a kid and I've been sick a while.
But tell me it's okay to ask, and watch me smile.


Author Notes
Video courtesy of YouTube and Sick Kids Hospital -


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