- Facets of the Windby Catherin Elizabet Belle
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Calm or Fury
Facets of the Wind by Catherin Elizabet Belle
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An ethereal flow pushes cotton clouds
Across the earth's azure dome,
Whispering to the leaves of green aspen
As they dance through pinon, fir, and yew,
Drifting to the golden plains rippling the prairie grass;
And on to the salty emerald expanse, where lapping
Waves upon white sandy beaches watch
Palms sweep the vibrant earth clean;
I bow inhaling the fragrant flowers of the land cooling
The radiant temperatures of the summer sun
And raping parched deserts shifting the dunes
In an endless sea of barren waste;
'Till the angry roar of cyclonic rage ravages
Hither and yon wreaking havoc on land and sea
Metamorphosing a twister splintering
All the earth's living things;
I drift to extreme reaches of the world,
Freezing crystal drops to spears of ice burning
Flora and fauna with deadly frost erecting
Frigid bergs in the north and south
Around the axis of the earth; declaring
Nature's enigma of kindness and cruelty,
One greets the many faces of the wind--
Her haunting beauty and her fury taint one's eye
As one beholds the majesty of the breeze,
The squall, the tempest tossed, the zephyr's
Silent wispy kiss upon
The butterfly's delicate cheek.


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