- Wake Me For Tomorrowby mrgrunty
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Wake Me For Tomorrow by mrgrunty

A warm and thoughtful feeling
A light bulb for the dark
Sinatra to my Davis
From drive back into park

A moment's lapse of season
A rain cloud in my way
That Cornell kind of feeling
My melancholy day

Remember hands of holding
Forget what tore apart
Their loving little faces
A smile inside my heart

Dry my hair - it's still raining
The sun hangs in the sky
Wipe my face - away the tears
Your memory in my eye

I'd fondly take a beating
To bring back thoughts of love
Or hope for friends of substance
Who'll wake me with a shove

"Bring out your dead" they're calling
I struggle from the cart
A standing broken wreck - but
A smile inside my heart

Author Notes
I try to use meter and rhythm to guide your reading and give those pesky punctuous paragraph pervading pests pause...


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