- Angels part2 (Mother)by RGstar
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Angels part2 (Mother) by RGstar
Poem of the Month contest entry

Angel (part 2)

June Plums grace the skyline, poised, in silent repose
Cumulus clouds convolve like the softness she chose
Warm winds weave and wuther as through cotton and rose
Abated, the thunder, in a Heaven she knows

A mother, but child... a fledgling, fifteen years old
Held face for my birth, that Indian summer... I'm told
No questions to ask, as 'he,' my father, so bold
But age far exceeded, as a newborn now hold


At sixteen, 'him' wed... her dress, sequined, turquoise blue
But purple fell the rain, eroding all she knew
A land far away, pale, flowered curtains for view
Saving pennies for the carrots... pain for the stew

Tick, tock, ticks the clock, she'd count the seconds to four
"Hi, Ho," fear he brings, she lays his slippers by the door
The lock, slowly, turns, we'd feign greetings-- false encore
The beanstalk, no more for climbing...thoughts sealed once more

What then of rage when even lions feared his roar?
Where ample drops of hurt leave, silently, thin spoor
Morning would find her loving fingers damp with gore
Yet, wings flailed open--her children's lives to ensure

A clipped rose doth bloom by will, though inside thus bleeds,
But with poise has beauty still, yet, of pain, misleads
Oh, mother, just like you, a flower such, recedes
Standing proud, though life fated; bound to strife: concedes

Cancer... when came, it cried; ''Saviour!'' in pity's name
Yet, was no less a lie than once the pride of shame
And, oh, how calm her face, when in death, asked, "no blame"
An Angel worn thin, her final task... peace proclaim


Gone, I'd returned, a voice in dreams said,"homeward bound"
So smiled an angel, the day I placed her in the ground


Author Notes
June Plum
The Caribbean or Jamaican June plum even, Jew plum was introduce in Jamaica 1782 and some years later Captain Bligh brought more plants from Hawaii where it was grown ...
June plum differentiates itself from other plums not only because of its plant family and its growing region, but also its large, oval shape, ...

Repose= a state of rest, sleep, or tranquillity

Wuther= (of a wind) blowing strongly with a roaring sound. 2. (of a place) characterized by such a sound. variant of whitherin, from whither blow, from Old Norse hvithra; related to hvitha squall of wind, Old English hweothu wind.

Image= Pinterest
Music = a version of 'Sad Violin' used a couple of years ago on my work-The Violin, part 1 and 2 (Heaven Can Wait) after asking thought this version appropriate again.

Thank you for reading...and listening... a time now laid to rest.


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