- The Darkness Withinby Asem.inspirations
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A pre-wedding anniversary Poem for my true love
The Darkness Within by Asem.inspirations

The room was dark, un-sparked,
but full of God’s night art
and there in the darkness,
I realized it was darkness
that caressed and blessed and dressed
my dark skin,
and it was there and there was where
I found…
I had given in again…
to living my life,
no - not in sin

but of forgiving him so deep within.
Yet envisioning that driven but given
My heart is imprisoned to him
and only him.
I looked through the darkness
through the bedroom window’s  starkness,
Gazing through the starlit sky
praising Him but not depriving silent why’s,
of true love…yet asking,
“My God, was I not deserving?”
But what I got was His constant urging,
and of course, an honest merging of him and me,
indubitably and suitably.
And so I beautifully and dutifully…
 looked to my side where there he lied
not deep in a sleep but somewhat  asleep,
beseechingly, be grieving me, and reaching for me,
then pulled me in close, somewhat comatose
but was whispering my name
which filled me with shame because I don’t take blame
for not being thankful and sometimes I’m hateful.
But there’s a thin line between love and hate.
He’s the one I love to love…but hate to hate,
but love to hate and hate to love.
Though if I’m not careful…I’d choose my own fate
There in so great…
How could I stay so bent on hate,
determined I had reached my end,
with my life friend ?
I was ridding myself, forbidding myself,
I already know I was kidding myself…
Though I know he won’t go and our love will still grow
It is my love that I owe,
this meticulous man ,
this man, this man, my ridiculous husband…
Caught in the moment, in his chiseled hold,
causing what sizzled in my heart,
‘cause heart won’t  stay cold,

not  there in his fold where I lose all control
I must admit, our love’s such a trip
I think of our relationship…
and still feel the need to bite my lip,
as he holds me in tight
by grabbing my hips
sends me to and fro
until I go
taking a dip
into splashing in  passion.
And then I find myself basking
in the sun light that is him….
I’m all in…
           I’m all in…
                      I’m all in…
Nobody gets this kind of time of mine.
I am forever on his mind…forever in his bind…

unmistakable…as God’s awesome power
Inescapable…as deaths darkest hour
Un-debatable…as the strength of a fire
Insatiable…as my deepest desires

It’s like a tasty glass of wine…so fine
after dining and winding
and as good as jazz
while the sun is not shining.

Our love is like the beating heart,
as precious as a priceless work of art
He’s that special  treat I love to eat
every time I cheat…so sweet…
And I must insist…that I cannot resist him
I’m wrapped around his finger and I’m loving the linger
Thank you God for sending me - him
for your urging me of him and merging me with him,
indubitably and suitably.
Yes, beautifully and dutifully
I lay there in the dark,
Un-sparked but full of God’s night art.
Yes,  there in the darkness,
I realized it was the darkness
that caressed and blessed and dressed
my dark skin,
my face is lit in orgasmic grin…
I’m all in…
           I’m all in…
                       I’m all in…
and it was there and there was where
I found…
I had given in again…to him…
where  I am living in forgiving him
where in…he is…my love….
My love…
of that darkness within…


Author Notes
Every year I write a wedding anniversary poem for my husband because he loves my poetry but he especially loves my poetry about him and us. He has his very own binder full of my poetry about us and cherishes each and every one of them. He even loves the angry poems.

Oh and he REALLY loves this one. (smiling)


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