- Save Niftyby Marykelly
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I love the word nifty. I don't hear it very often.
Save Nifty by Marykelly
Save a Word writing prompt entry

Nifty is a superlative word without the ending, est.
It says more than good or better, it says this is the best.
Something that is nifty outshines all the rest,
it passes go, it looks great, it aces every test.

Nifty is so versatile, it describes most anything.
Daffodils and irises are nifty flowers in spring,
majestic eagles taking flight stretch their nifty wings,
when sharing vows, the bride and groom exchange nifty rings.

Nifty is the way to say, something can't be beat,
it's an uplifting word to use, a vocabulary treat.
So say it once or twice a day, don't let it meet defeat,
and don't let this nifty word become obsolete.

Writing Prompt
Some beautiful English words are sinking into the Swamp of No Return, AKA oblivion. Bring one out, wash it off and use it in a contemporary way in a poem or essay. Humor is encouraged, but please keep it clean.

Author Notes
Nifty is one of those words that I seem to be the only one using. Help save nifty.


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