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Will you ever really understand?
Needs by Asem.inspirations
Rhyming Poem contest entry

I am,
I am
that tear never shed,
that Tier that never wed four men,
that Tier chasing something new
again and again,
never felt, never really got,
never that "a lot" only dreamed for,

a pour never poured
but a pouring never really boring
yet no one's ever really interested
and no one has ever really been
but she keeps reaching for that last dance,
preaching 'bout that last chance at happy
but she has lost her rhythm in that reach
where he was not, a whole lot.

Tier finds tears easily in the unhappy,
that need,
that reach where happy never really
ever is,
finding tired each time of reaching for
needs never fed
and that he that he was not
but is that one she never really got
and never really gets
so can't let this be her reason anymore.

I am,
I am
that anger that needs to roar,
that anger that needs to soar,
but can't,
crippled on one wing of hope,
anchored by that thing, that dope,
thought left in that rearview
while driving down that very lonely road
where it found my son and took him away...

and there's that needed tear again...

You will never understand my pain, or needs
because your needs always exceed my needs
and you keep needing me to seed your needs
so mine will never be that greed you feed your needs...
Yet my pleads stay unattended to...

But what you don't get is this:

That need is what killed my need for you
and need is what killed my son
and need is what's killing us,

don't you see...

I only learned to need
to let go
whatever really hurts too much
because it is so that such
that is sooooooo un-needed
it was never just that needed touch
or that needed lust of us
and just because you're always there
it is simply not enough,

don't you see...

I am,
I am
reaching for that need which is that need
to stop hurting
and that is to reach
for the only way I know,
which is to simply,
just to start
letting us go
because this...will never really grow
so there is no need
to keep needing that which needs
or which
never seems to breathe

and yes,

I firmly believe,

that we,

we will never,


we...we will never

meet our needs...

by Tier V. King 01/29/2016 @ 3:45 am


Author Notes
The above poem was written on one of those, "I've had it...I'm fed up and finished" days but we have gotten past it and we are still holding on.


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