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Here I am, but who am I? 
Am I the sum of the scares that have laid me waste?
What of all the joys, what of all the pain?
To have given all that one is, only to be asked, “is that all that still remains?”
All the ones before and all that now remain, are they all the same?
Is this truly how it ends?
To have tasted something just shy of the divine, I wonder if I’ll be the one that cries out in the darkness asking why?
Across the vastness of time, faded now the light that once burned so brightly in my eyes. 
In that moment, I was not just looking for another lover, but a love that would endure to the end of time.
Perhaps Neruda was right and this verse will end tonight…

Author Notes
Thanks to Couple Time for the use of the artwork!!!


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