- Ronni
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Do it right and proud
Hugs.... by Ronni

If you're going to hug someone
do it right and do it proud
feel its sudden surprise, elated awe
from happy head to tingling toes
make it a hug so dear and warm
you can hear heart sighing out loud

Never too soon or too late for hug
whether casual chance while on the go
hale, hearty one swooping up many past years
one that was for real, not just passing show

Hugs are silent joys, rescues never asked
no sirens ring, no official lights flash
love, joy, caring, pride and sweet affections
know the signs, signals, subtly perceived
holds with inevitable, unforgettable hugs that last


Author Notes
Researchers have noted that even a 20 second hug releases the nurturing
hormone and neurotransmitters; which is nature's antidepressant and
antianxiety relief action.


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