- This Is Meby w.j.debi
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A poem for girls
This Is Me by w.j.debi

Dear Daughter, precious child of mine,
you see your nature is divine.
Declare with joy, "Yes, this is me,
unique in all eternity."

I have a mission just for you.
It's something no one else can do.
Yes, you will struggle; this I know,
but I'll be watching as you grow.

Hold tightly to the iron rod.
Remember, you're a child of God.
Please, talk to me in frequent prayer.
I have so much I want to share.

And on that day when you've returned
to tell me all you've done and learned,
I'll turn and smile, and there you'll be,
"Oh, dearest Father, this is me."



Author Notes
Thank you to Barb Baker for the use of the artwork.

This was written for a girls' religious retreat.

The iron rod refers to a lesson we had about the word of God being strong and straight like an iron handrail along the straight and narrow path. Grasping it will keep you on the path.

The theme was taken from the movie, "The Greatest Showman." Many of the girls saw the movie multiple times so we based our camp on one of the songs from the movie.

The first line could be changed for boys to:

Dear Son, oh, precious child of mine,


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