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A tribute to the Invictus Competitors
They're Our Invictus Team by bob cullen

They're Our Invictus Team

They didn't die in battle but they gave a limb or two
They didn't cry forever they had far too much to do
They all stood proud beneath our flag in battle and in peace
Today again they are our pride, determined to release
Ev'ry ounce of energy required to give of their best
Vet'rans of adversity, they survived their greatest test
Now competing with each other, victory is their dream
They are heroes of our Nation, they're our Invictus team

In the coming weeks again, they will stand beneath our flag
Veterans of adversity with pride they wear that tag
"Don't count our arms or legs," they plead. "Please measure just our heart.
We don't want your pity folks we are all here to take part.
We thank you all for cheering us, our aim is to compete.
And we would like you all to know, you don't need hands and feet."
They never let their handicap slow them up on their dream
They are heroes of our Nation, they're our Invictus team


Author Notes
The Invictus Games are an event held every two years. The founder, and now patron of the event, Prince Harry will open the 2018 event in Sydney in the next couple of weeks. The event is open to servicemen who have suffered injury in war .


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