- Young Heartsby Catherin Elizabet Belle
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Young Hearts by Catherin Elizabet Belle
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The brilliance of the golden orb
Warms the azure sky dotted
With marshmallow clouds domed
Over the lush green emerald coast
Where humans play on white sands
And swim in warm briny waters
That laps shores in rhythmic cadence.

We in golden years of life recall
Joys and sorrows on distance shores,
And smile making new friends, jumping
With glee as we greet enduring friendships
Sitting in the cool breeze of shaded
Portico, Military wives and widows wait,
Wiggling manicured toes in anticipation.

All aboard rings through sunny auras
As gleeful chatter pours forth under
Blue sky and soft billowy clouds drifting
Eastward with no hint of rain to spoil
The lovely ladies grand trek lolling
In the sea breeze that drifts ashore
To flip gray curls of young at heart.

Author Notes

Thank you, VMarguarite, for the use of "Sandy Feet".


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