- Rhapsody is Blueby Artasylum
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Rhapsody is Blue by Artasylum

Rummaging thru my desktop;
your face lights up the screen.
Posing for that last photo,
your hair’s magenta, mine is blue.
We knew it was the last time...
First time my hair was blue
I drop my mouse,
reaching out, I touch your face.
My fingertips kiss your image.
Wish I could've taken your pain,
but, our lives made other plans.
First time my hair was blue
I cry for my loss;
but, celebrate your release.
Those selfish sensations pass quickly
as my face turns to rain.
 I touch your cheek one last time.

First time my hair was blue
My sweet friend, thank you--
You're tucked securely in my heart--
Your eyes, your smile, your tears,
you're forever safe with me.
I'm grateful for our time together...
first time my hair was blue. 


Author Notes
Regarding the Picture: Bonnie being a bit if a scamp dyed her hair pink when she got a dual diagnoses pancreatic and lung cancer. I got a spray can of blue spray

Bonnie and I had a handpainted clothing business together... for 12 years we literally drove everywhere from La to San Francisco... To Reno... ... To Las Vegas... To Houston... To Dallas... To Phoenix... To Palm Springs... To Napa... and so many more in between... Needless to say we weren't home a lot. Thanks for reading! Yours, diana


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