- Walking Stillby Flyaway1
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Daily challenge of walking w mental illness and trusting God
Walking Still by Flyaway1
The best God poem writing prompt entry

Waking up all pain,
grabbing for hope.
This I don't share.
This is the hardest part,
trying to stay alive.
Staring at all the steps,
I don't think I can take,
but I trust.....
Because I am thinking
about Jesus and
how he walked everyday.
He walked with all that big pain.
Walked straight up that hill
to his death.
Then He nailed it, that pain.
So yes....
I am going to walk today,
taking the hard steps.
Because who knows?
The sun just might shine
and I want to be there.
No, not going to miss that.

This is for you my son,
who walks in pain.
You are never alone.

Writing Prompt
Looking for the best God poem you have , you decide how,


Author Notes
I have lived with mental illness for 30 years or more. It is a battle on every level to choose to live and stay engaged w life.
Medication and therapy can only do so much, but faith in God trumps all. Faith that I can do the hard things.


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