- Strictly Speakingby bob cullen
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Sheer Nonsense
Strictly Speaking by bob cullen
150 Words Flash Fiction contest entry

I remember being a virgin. Strictly speaking, retaining that status wasn't my choice. The constant rejection I experienced still haunts me. I felt just like the egg trapped in a hen's delivery tube, I just couldn't get laid.

I came up with all sorts of ideas. I wrote a poem. Strictly speaking, I didn't write it I paid my sixty-two year old maiden aunt who works in advertising to write it. She signed it, a first-timer. I printed twenty-seven copies and placed one in every senior girl's locker.

There's nothing as good as taking to manhood
A boy who's still a true virgin
Think how he'll treasure his moment of pleasure
And you won't need time for urgin'

In a sense the story ended there. Strictly speaking, it didn't. I had to address the class and deliver an apology. And, I'm still a virgin. Open to offers, though.


Author Notes
Strictly speaking, I must insist this is not autobiographical. It may though be closer to truth than to fiction. My maiden aunt didn't exist but I did have a mischievious classmate who had a very accommodating sister.


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