- A Song in the Airby michaelcahill
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free verse
A Song in the Air by michaelcahill
The Holidays contest entry

happy holidays
that is all
we seek
we wish to escape
the specter of death
and hopelessness
we care not what name
the holiday has
just that it is the season
of holidays
is shelter a miraculous present
a meal that fills our
children's empty tummies
… that would be a feast
the storybook tells
of the lady with the light
who welcomes all
to freedom
… to equality
we all huddle here
a mass yearning
to be free
of fear
do we return to the soldiers
we fled from
or face the soldiers
who greet us
how foolish
to bond hope
to a myth--
but in the distance
we see lights
and we hear singing
the music is beautiful
we wonder …
what is it about?



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