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I set my little night hawks free.
If you love someone, set him free. by Liberty Justice
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"If you love someone, set them free; if they come back to you, they are yours; but, if they don't, it was never meant to be." Surely, God Knows I have set many lovers free, because they were playboys, drug addicts, alcoholics or mental and emotional abusers. A few lovers, even a fiance was bipolar because he would swing back and forth between happy and sad;; then he would be sweet then mean in the same moment. His moods scared and confused me.

Guess, what? These flying hawks never came back to me, even after I set them free, so just like the quote stated, "It was never meant to be." I tried for years to overlook the cheating with other women, spending the whole night out with the boys every weekend, and the smeared red lipstick and makeup on my men's collars. I even smelled a brand of Unforgettable perfume that was certainly not my brand nor my scent.

I set these night vultures loose and tolerated their many lies and deceit, because they brought me gifts, candy and clothes, and Jack (made-up name) promised to be a better man. Every time, I packed Jack's clothes and threw his suitcase by the door, he would exclaim, "But, sugar, baby girl, I love you and only you. Those other women are just whores throwing their bodies at me and I couldn't fight the temptation."

Yes, indeed, I tried this freedom quote.

"Well, superfly," I screamed, "fly away from me, because I, hereby set you free, and you are Free at Last, and its my turn to go out and have a Blast."

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Author Notes
Thanks goes out to the artist, bd shutterspeed for this romantic photo.

I have had several lovers whom I loved, but I had to give them their flying papers, their walking papers. One or two whom I set free did come back, but I had to give them their freedom flying papers, again, because they never straightened up. Currently, I don't have no man to love, but I have learned to live with that and move on with my life. I did birth a beautiful daughter, and subsequently, she birthed two beautiful grandchildren for me. So, you see, I have done something very meaningful and wonderful with my life.


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