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story poem
Checkmate. by trimple
    Story poem Contest Winner 

I was easy to find, and you were eager to please;
with such stealthy persuasion, the moment was seized...
but, with some trepidation and no guarantees,
 we were blinded this night with unscrupulous ease.

The night that we chose was as pale as the moon
as we reasoned and battled our fate and fortune.
Mere pawns in a game that had ended too soon,
but our courage was such that our egos ballooned.

As we conquered our fears and continued our way,
between shadows we rode on this perilous day.
Our horses well traveled, our minds led astray,
we were bound to receive a resounding, touche!

By my side, you were there with your clever techniques.
The dynamic between us: devout and unique.
But old grudges had harbored and mounted so steep,
that destiny waned and slipped out of our reach.

For the clergy dishonored my beautiful Queen;
to the tower there driven, so swift and obscene.
We'd exchanged our last wishes: a gamble, foreseen;
thus, her head would be severed, where crowds would convene.

Now I stand here alone, as my savior is slain,
on this old checkered board with my gambit to b
My kingdom now scattered; unable to reign,
though, tomorrow, I'll move with my Queen once again...

Now the chess master has us, back standing in line;
thirty-two figurines of exquisite design...
With a drink in his hand, he replays in his mind,
and we wink to each other, say, 'Till the next time...'

Writing Prompt
Write a rhymed story poem in 'no less' than four quatrains. Subject optional.
Story poem
Contest Winner



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