- Beside the River, Long Agoby kiwisteveh
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Love Poem
Beside the River, Long Ago by kiwisteveh
Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry

Do you remember? Once we walked
beside the river under trees
that nodded their approval and
riddled the sun through shimmered leaves?

The waters drifted, slow as time,
a distant farmer toiled his field
as we two lay there, skin on skin.
And on that day our love was sealed.

What plans we made, what mountains climbed
beside that stream whose chuckles went
unheeded as the sun dipped low;
we cared not what the river meant.

The current of the years has borne
the fancies of first love away.
The dreams we bandied on that bank
are now the realm of yesterday.

But still within your eyes I find
the beauty that I came to know
when we first lay beneath the trees,
beside the river, long ago.




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