- A true story about messed up dreamsby Artasylum
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I need so many things;
A true story about messed up dreams by Artasylum
Story Poem/Prose contest entry

As I weave in and out of my human selves.
Creating distractions from the life I've born…
physical pacifiers lay waste my waking hours;
They're shiny and new with no unearthly powers.

I need so many things; cars, square footage, diamond rings.

Today I hunger for the perfect thing
to satisfy my deepest craving.
Instead, my purchase leaves me cold
underneath the static, a voice unfolds.
I need so many things; new-bought friends are just the thing!
My house is festive, filled with people and song
Faces I sweep by, to me... unknown.
Each smile with blank eyes, I’m alone.
Passing each stranger I long for a home.
I need so many things; but, I've run out of empty flings.

I close the door and soak in silent reckoning
Perched in front of my velvet vanity;
Wracking my brain, struggling with sanity.
My face is stricken, fearful and lost.

I need so many things; just not trinkets or ponzi schemes.
Finally, I grasp my own pain.
For the first time, in a long time, I see my eyes.
They are witness to this house of lies.
God, please, help me to walk away.

I need so many things; spirit, light, joyful dreams.
Smiling, I recognize…
The answer isn't the tile on my floor.
It's the love and life I welcome to my door.
The life I seek cannot be bought.

I need so many things; bathing in light and the peace it brings.


Author Notes
This poem is complete as it is or the reader can dissect it and read the repetitive lines as a standup poem and the stanzas stand alone... fun with form


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