- Death Wishby trimple
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short story
Death Wish by trimple

'The knacker man? '

'That'll be me, Sir. Took some time finding the place, you're right out of the way here... Old horse is it, Sir?

'Oh, yes. She's old alright. In fact, in dog years, she's at least five times my age. She's over in that last stable... Oh, wait there a moment, let me just fetch a blanket only she gets pretty cold nowadays what with these wintry mornings... She won't be too happy in the back of ya wagon without it. She's gotten used to the warm.'

'Don't be minding that, Sir, she'll be stone dead soon enough. You're the only customer I have today. I'll take her straight to the yard and have her out of her misery in no time.'

'Misery? She's never miserable. Not my Sally. Happiest horse nobody else had. She's been my only company since the wife died.'

'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Bailey. Recent was it?'

'Almost a month now. I still talk to her mind. You know, about my day and how much I miss her. Fifty-eight years we were married.'

'I understand. Must be terrible after being together for such a long time. So... about the horse then, Sir, in pain is she?'

'No, no.'


'Nope. Not lame neither.'

'So, just old then, sir?

'Yes, she's old. We both are. I'd rather you take her now than die of a broken heart...'

'A broken heart, Sir? She 
have a dodgy ticker, then, Sir?'

'Not yet. Now you take good care of her, and when you're done, I'd appreciate a phone call. But in case I miss it, I'll give you my grandaughter's phone number. Faye's her name. Here you go.'

'A phone call! Really, Sir? Well, I must say, we don't get many requests for follow-ups after 
a slaughter, but, er... as you wish then, Sir. I'll ring you or Faye, straight away. But don't you worry, Mr.Bailey, I'll take care of her. She won't know a thing. Now, let's be having the old girl then.'

'I'm aware of your reputation, Mr. Johnson, and I thank you for it. £50 you said?'

'That's right, Sir. £50 and no refunds of course. Thank you kindly, Mr. Bailey.'

'C'mon then, Sally... This stable over here did you say, Sir? Only there's no horse in here. Hello? Mr. Bailey, Sir.?'

Where the hell did he go to?... 'Just a minute, girl. It's okay, don't panic. I can hear you. Steady now, steady. I'm coming.'

'Mr. Bailey! Where are you, Sir? What the hell! Oh, God, no. Now you just hand me that gun here. Whatever you're thinking, it can't be that bad, Mr. Bailey?




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