- Ode to a Beer Snobby Mark Valentine
This work has reached the exceptional level
a fake contest entry
Ode to a Beer Snob by Mark Valentine

Behold, gentle reader, the famous bier schnösel 
Taking his time as he makes his perusal
Of menus extoling artisanal crafting
Of beers at the bar that are ready for drafting
He frequents saloons that have rails of brass or
Fine leather chairs that have antimacassars
He won’t drink Budweiser – he thinks it tastes awful
And doesn’t pair well with cous cous and falafel
Such plebeian brews must always be shunned
By sophisticates like he or...that British actor ... you know who I mean?…what’s his name?…oh yeah, Benedict Cummerbund!



Author Notes
This is an entry in the imaginary contest to write a poem featuring the following words:
Falafel, antimaccassar, cummerbund, and a word with an umlaut,

bier schnosel is German for beer snob. Schnosel rhymes with perusal (trust me)


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