- Beach Front Propertyby Artasylum
This work has reached the exceptional level
Not all that it is cracked up to be...
Beach Front Property by Artasylum
Story/Prose Poem contest entry

Everything that defines her,
all her precious wares;
lay neatly in a shopping cart.
Things calm her anxious fears.

Mary's stuff is her only friend.

Hoarded treasures tucked away;
away from thieving hands.
Distracted, she jumps a wave,
splashing where she stands.

Mary's life is filled with voices and pretend.

For one brief, perfect moment,
Mary remembers how to play.
I watch with rapt attention.
She's so happy on this balmy day.

Mary loses track; forgets to defend.

Panicking... her life's worth;
tossed about in the hasty rush.
Two other carts surround her,
probably her stuff.

Mary curses at reality; she needs it to end.

She's sure her carts are missing.
But, in one powerful, lucid flash,
She discovers her stuff is okay.
and recalls her life is still trashed.

By the grace of God...



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