- The Reflectionby Kathleen Washnis
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Who stares back at you?
The Reflection by Kathleen Washnis
Rhyming Poem contest entry
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I gazed into the mirror,
My reflection I did see.
But deep within my soul,
A demon stared at me!

Horrified to see it,
But then I heard a voice,

"I'm here for you my child,
it's time you made a choice."

The battle was quite real,
Between evil and good.
My soul was at stake,
So the devil I withstood.

I glanced back at the mirror,
With relief and much surprise,
The demon left, it's gone!
It is God who now resides.


Author Notes
There really is a battle for your soul and you need to make a decision for evil or for good - which will you choose?


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