- To Brooke, our Adewpearlby Treischel
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A Rondeau
Remembering Brooke (adewpearl)
: To Brooke, our Adewpearl by Treischel

She shared her world, a world she knew,
with gentle spirit through and through.
She wrote with such compelling grace
that put a smile on every face.
A jewel that shined in morning dew.

Her words would always speak to you,
within her verse, or in review,
she always shared a welcome place.
She shared her world.

She'd dazzled with her technique too.
No format that she couldn't do
She shared her lovely garden space --
the dandelions, and Sawyer's pace.
We cherished every breath she drew.
She shared OUR world,


Author Notes
Adewpearl - I miss her dearly. She was my mentor, as she was to so many others on the site. She was the type of poet that would light up your spirit when you saw that name listed in the messages, or ever more so, on a review. I first encountered her when I joined in 2011. She maintained the No 1 spot on the site every year I knew her, since, until she got sick. That was an impressive feat. Anyone who posts the two poems per day, and associated reviewing necessary to stay in the top ten, knows what a grind that is. She had hundreds of avid fans, like myself. She wrote in many poetic formats, always in a positive, upbeat manner. Many were humorous, most were beautiful. When she reviewed you, it was always with a gentle touch. It was always a unique response, never a pasted generality. She would listen to your responses to the review, always ready with a welcome heart and helpful encouragement. She is the one who taught me the beauty of both the structured formats, as well as the unstructured ones, from Free Verse to the Sonnets. She introduced me to the Triolet, the Rondeau, and the Rondeau Redouble. It sparked in me the desire to find out as many formats as possible. A never ending journey, I'm still on today. I miss her dearly!

Farewell my friend, my mentor, my inspiration. Your place is among the Angels.


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