- Legacyby Tina Crute
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Moms leave a legacy.
Legacy by Tina Crute
3-6-9 Poem contest entry

In the wind
her wisdom rides with me
fresh and new, she teaches me to be.

In the song
her alto voice joins mine
praising God with harmony divine.

In my heart
she never went away
part of me, she's with me ev'ry day.


Author Notes
The portrait above is my beloved momma at age 18.
I wrote this because I believe that when someone you love dies, a piece of them remains with you, like a legacy for you to carry on. If you use what they taught you, its like they are still present, in your heart.
When I miss my mom the most, I sing her favorite songs or remember her wise sayings, like, "Be real. The world needs more real." She loved Jesus, wrote songs and poetry and loved everyone. She was always helping someone!


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