- The Passage of Timeby jlsavell
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The Passage of Time by jlsavell
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How swiftly time passes
Fifty years, when first I looked into your new eyes
I couldn't tell if they were blue, 
but they say all babies have blue eyes
So very tiny you were,
with a soft profusion of chestnut ringlets
I thought-too pretty to be a boy!

Today, your cherub face
chiseled into handsome, very handsome
Wisps of grey peek along your temples,
defying the chestnut ringlets to cover
such distinguished maturity

Your smile is infectious,
with a slight, mischeivous upturned lip
The gift of azure eyes mesmerize,
sparkle with laughter,
reflect the wisdom garnered with time,
and pierces many hearts with love

You, you are the leader,
setting lofty goals,
expecting your little brothers to follow suit

You became the fierce protector
Chivalry was your superman cape
A jeweled sword slayed dragons
Soon, a Timex watch counted the hours
till your blossoming sisters returned
from a picture show

I was priviledged to walk with you
each step, each passage;
watching you cross the stage for your diploma,
growing in your strength and vigor
through each season of your life

Today, your family has grown large
The etched lines on your drawing face
speak of life and its earned rewards

Often, beneath the moonlit stars
we dance, as mother and son do
around our campfire, where happiness reigns,
leaving life's sorrows for our tomorrow
This weekly ritual where: siblings gather,
country rock blares, laughter booms, antics amuse
and those Michelob Lights don't stay cold for too long

Pride swells in my heart
for all of you, for all you have become

Oh, my valiant one;
you were the first to teach me
the gift of selflessness,
the touch of fathomless, intense love
You taught me that life, regardless of its obstacles,
is worth the price, for
the power of love transcends the universe
and can never die

You made me believe that dreams sustain our hope;
like my dreams of your life
and how it may have been...
always creating in my mind
how you would have grown

All of this, as I kneel upon the sod
o'er your newborn bones

and weep



Author Notes
Dedicated to all who have lost..

thank you avmurray for What Dreams are Made Of


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