- The Big Noisy Appleby Mark Valentine
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The Big Noisy Apple by Mark Valentine
Quiet writing prompt entry

It’s easy to see that you’re filled with ennui
The town that you live in’s just no place to be
But I’ve got your ticket, so come on and buy it
And fly to New York where you’ll lose all the quiet
You’ll find in the city that women are pretty
They mingle at parties where everyone’s witty
In a bar called “Lost Hours” right next to the Hyatt
The hip place to be (if you’re not fond of quiet)
And Manhattan eateries just can’t be beat
There’s never a shortage of places to meet
Bamonte’s got three stars – you really should try it
The atmosphere’s great, but it’s not very quiet
And go to the Met if you haven’t been yet
An opera’s a wonder you’ll never forget
The comedy clubs are a real laugh riot
Where laughter is raucous and it’s never quiet.
And once you are done having all of this fun
You might want to go back where life’s more homespun
Cuz’ New York is fun – you just can’t deny it
But what good is fun if there’s no peace and quiet?


Writing Prompt
Write a poem that ends with the word: quiet.


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