- Healing Loveby Flyaway1
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Your warmth is always the right answer
Healing Love by Flyaway1
3-5-3 writing prompt entry

The dark leaves
when you hold me tight.
Hold me now.

Writing Prompt
Write a 3-5-3 syllable poem. It has three lines. The first line has 3 syllables, the second one 5 syllables and the last line 3 syllables. The subject can be anything.

Author Notes
I may think that my husband does not see me, until he holds me tight and gives me the warmth of his body. The cold and aches of bipolar depression start to heal under his love, The pain recedes and I fall asleep. He quietly leaves me to rest as long as I need. He can not fix me or cure me. He stays and eases my days, (22 years married )


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