- Dancing With the Starsby jlsavell
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Dancing With the Stars by jlsavell

I've watched it over and over 
each week, each challenge

I've always imagined my body-
svelte, sultry, seductive
as my hips undulate
and my limbs sway, 
while the music's crescendo scales its pinnacle,
only to fall abruptly



Often I imagine you, 
so in step,
the strength of your hand
on the small of my back

energy colliding, 
steam rising through our loins,
face glistening with sweat

We simply...
glide, as if meant to be

My lips become clumsy,
unable to conjure words
The music fades
Stillness reverberates moment of confidence,
now melded into awkwardness

How can I love something intangible,
magically inhuman, 
but filled with spirited life
Such a mysterious, driving force

Ahh, the art of bodies in motion,
the measure, the swing of notes
piercing our souls harmoniously, 
evoking our emotions to stir
in a fluid, drawing display of movement

Infectious, alluring rhythmic beats-
this mesmerizing language, 
commanding our muscles, the bridge 
to the wonderment of expression,
to move as lovers do

I turn off the television
As I gaze upon the vespered heavens
filled with winking stars...
I ruminate

Could I ever love someone
the way I love watching bodies in motion,
entwined in the moment, completely in sync

Harmony balanced with grace

I think so



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