- Batting One Thousandby jaybird1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Tribute to my foster son-1967
Batting One Thousand by jaybird1

Four years ago we tensely scanned
the portals where you stood,
because we felt within our hearts,
your chances weren't too good.

But in the big ball game of life,
you played with scarce a balk.
Allthough you often did strike out,
your goal was not to walk.

A special blend of fate and guts
and purpose all the way,
has brought you through your senior year,
right to this blessed day.

A graduate now, firm and erect,
you've crossed a vital door.
We are mighty proud, for in our book
you've just gone four for four.

What lies ahead, God only knows,
but if someday we should
be placing bets, we'll bet on you,
your chances sure look good.



Author Notes
This young man loved baseball and played it all
through school days, thus some baseball terms.Years
later he got his masters degree, from the college
of his choice and moved on into a great career.


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