- The Winter Of My Lifeby jaybird1
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Life's purpose-sonnet
The Winter Of My Life by jaybird1

Today's the oldest I have ever been.
I've weathered all life's struggles, storms and strife.
I'lll never be this young in life again,
because, I'm in the winter of my life.

For many years my search was for great wealth,
'tiil illness loomed and altered all life's plans.
I realized that wealth lies in good health
and I became a saner, calmer man.

My kin and friends became my great desire
and that has added purpose to my life.
It lifted spirits, relit inner fire,
no longer am I burdened down with strife.

These precious things should fill your ever need.
The winter of your life will come, take heed.



Author Notes
I am in my 95th year or life and ever aware of
my impending mortality. Many pleasing memories
flood my mind. I shall keep writing as long as my
failing eyesight and mind permit.


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