- Basic Training-Air Forceby jaybird1
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Physical Training-P. T.
Basic Training-Air Force by jaybird1

They say we have to take it
and tell us what to wear.
I never try to make it,
but somehow do get there.

They say it's mighty good for you,
'twill make your muscles double.
I'd like to keep mine half the size
and save that toil and trouble.

They make me lie upon the ground
and push myself back up.
Easy, listen for the sound,
stay in cadence with the 'hup'

They lay me over on my back
and make me touch my toes.
I bend until my muscles crack,
still on and on this goes.

They send me on a road run,
through wooded hill and dale.
When I get back where it begun,
I have a dragging tail.

Now, life would be so heavenly,
If we could only part
with this detestable P. T.
and spend those hours on art.-1944


Author Notes
Just trying to provide a little humor into what was a hard
and very trying time in my life, many years ago, during
World War 2-1944


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