- My Apologyby jaybird1
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A reason for not commenting
My Apology by jaybird1

I'm ninety five and nearly blind,
cataracts has dimmed my view
and closed the door on many things,
pleasing things that I could do.

MY daughter now resides with me.
She is always by my side
and types and posts the poems I write.
She's a source of joy and pride.

I'm not asking for your pity,
for my life's been filled with love.
When thinking on the things I've done,
I must send my thanks above.

Yet, still I am hurting deeply,
that I can not satisfy,
my fans and friends upon this site,
with some comment or reply.


Author Notes
I sincerely thank all, for your continued support of
my efforts. It is greatly appreciated--Jaybird1


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