- Missing in Actionby Bill Schott
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samantha and Manuel meet up at the compound.
Assassin Nation
: Missing in Action by Bill Schott

Sonny Sullivan, former President of the United States, deceased
Red Appleton, former Vice President of the United States, now President
Connie Highland, Senate Majority Leader
Samantha Anthra, former Adviser to the President Sullivan, now Chief of Staff to President Appleton
C. C. Connor, former Chief of Staff to President Sullivan, now assumed dead
Rusty Pipes, former Under Secretary of Cabinet Affairs, assumed dead
Manuel Kontroz, Assistant to Rusty Pipes
Ben Baker, aka Butcher of Baghdad aka Bobby Do, assassin, presumed dead
G.I. Joseph, old assassin, presumed dead
Phil Rupp, Speaker of the House, assumed dead
Ryan Deere, new Under Secretary of Cabinet Affairs
St. John Johnson, Assistant to the Under Secretary of Cultural Affairs, at the facility

In the previous chapter:

Speaker of the House, Phil Rupp and Assistant to the Under Secretary of Cultural Affairs, St. John Johnson were sent to the helicopter to be dropped in the training area. Learp was killed and Johnson dropped injured.
Manuel Kontroz checked all the bodies he could find and eliminated all possibilities from his list with two exceptions.
Finding that Kontroz had a discrepancy in the body count, Samantha Anthar had the helicopter land in the training area.

As the evening rolled in, the pilot could still see the landing area well. He was shocked at the sight of another helicopter crashed on the deck.

Landing, Samantha jumped out of the side hatch and shrank into a crouch.  Behind her, Ryan Deere hit the deck, M-16 at the ready, silencer attached. 

Kontroz walked past Deere, sliding around him from behind and outside the reach of Samantha Anthra as he appeared to her left. Seemingly unstartled, she smiled as Manuel used his thumb to dislodge bullets from an M-16 magazine. When he got to nineteen, the clip was empty. 

"You've a round chambered, Mr. Deere. Eject it."

Looking down at the weapon, Deere saw that his magazine was missing; purloined by the passing Kontroz with the stealth of a trained thief.

"It's empty," said Deere.

"He knows you're lying, Ryan," said Samantha. "He figures you speed loaded the magazine with twenty rounds. One's missing."

While deciding who to trust and what action to take, Manuel made it easier for Deere by quickly disarming the man, taking him off his feet with a sweep, pulling the bolt back on the rifle, and ejecting the lone bullet. He then released the holding pin and separated the weapon, throwing the halves to the ground.

Smiling at Deere, Manuel said, "I cannot trust you, Mr. Deere. We shouldn't meet again."

"What's the discrepency, Manuel?" asked Samantha, witnessing, but unconcerned over Kontroz and Deere.

"The number of bodies expected is correct, but one identity is missing and an unknown is present."


"At the far end of the enclosure I have remains of a man who is not on my list. Additionally, his DNA sequence doesn't register with any records kept by the government."

"How the hell would you know that?" asked Deere, picking himself up and injecting into the conversation.

"I have that capability," he said, directing his answer to Samantha.

"Assuming he's a ringer, and someone C.C. knew about, who is missing?" asked Sam.


Samantha smiled. "That is an amazing revelation, Manuel."  She then turned to Deere. "Ryan, take off all your clothes."

"What?!  I'm not doing that."

As the words were barely said, Deere's lungs were emptied by a kick to his chest.  On the ground, attempting to breathe again, he was barely conscious of his clothes being removed. When he regained his oxygen flow, he realized he was naked.

"You have an M-16 and some rounds over there on the ground somewhere," she said, pointing out the two areas.

"You can't do this this to me!" shouted Deere in anger and disbelief.

"Ryan, I am doing this for the betterment of all.  You will be part of training that is paramount to the survival of the United States and its allies."

Manuel, who had picked up the M-16 and reconnected it, tossed the weapon several feet away.  

"There are only a few obstacles here for you, Ryan, but there will be more shortly."

"I have a wife!" he shouted.

"We'll get her for you."

"No!  I'll stay." Then thinking above his contained hysteria,  "There's just Johnson here anyway. He's a gimme.  What then?"

"Maybe Mr. Connor will help you train, she answered.  "Then there are some wolves, I hear."

Deere ran to where the bullets had been dropped and fell to his knees searching the ground.  Meanwhile, Samantha and Manuel boarded the helicopter, which lifted off immediately afterwards.

"I would be happy to return to find Mr. Connor," said Manuel.

"We'll give it a day." she said. "Sometimes these things work themselves out."

"What about these bodies?"

"There's a procedure in place. This isn't a new situation. Besides, I have a lot to do back at Washington, beginning with finding another Under Secretary of Cabinet Affairs."

"Isn't that the Secretary of Cabinet Affairs' job?"

"That's my weekend post." 

As the helicopter flew on a path back to the White House, Manuel whispered to himself,
Be sober, be vigilant; because a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom -- she may devour."


Author Notes
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Peter 5:8 paraphrased


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