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true colors - designers by flylikeaneagle
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"Zoe, do you like these antique keys? I engraved the words to inspire others." She glanced over at Chanel who stared at a bird outside the window.

Zoe held each key up in the air. "What a great idea. I like your choices of hope, joy, love, and strength. Maybe, you can add dream, peace, and trust in your collection." She placed them back into the small basket. Colorful hemp strings and leather cords laid next to crystal beads. True Colors business cards, gel pens, and handwritten messages were in another basket.

Crystal added an indigo hemp cord and some crystal beads to the key. She tied the end and handed the necklace to Zoe. "Each necklace will come with an inspiration or Bible promise for the wearer. This word is for you. Dreamer - live the life you have imagined."

"Thank you for the Dreamer key. I like your word choices. Our clients can use these for focus tools. The words will become alive in our spirits as one meditates on them." Zoe smiled. "I know several friends who will love these friendship necklaces."

"Crystal, would you like to go for a walk this afternoon? We can try out our new hiking line. I hear there is a fitness seminar at the end of May at the Garden of the Gods. We'll have to contact Moni and Annie so they can wear our sportswear when they teach their classes."

"Are they still coaching clients?" Zoe poured some green tea into tall glasses. She added lemon, ice, and mint into each one.

"Yes, they are." Crystal cut up fresh oranges, and strawberries. She sat with Zoe on the sofa.

The bright floral, handmade cotton pillows on the sofa added warmth to their design office. Their True Colors sportswear photos hung on the soft pink walls. Zoe petted their black and white tuxedo cat.

"I invited Moni and Annie to try on their outfits. We'll give them leggings, tank tops, and jackets for their group fitness classes. We will have to take their spin and weight training classes in exchange for the clothes."

"Crystal, I could use some personal training. Did you add the reflective eagle emblem on the front of the jacket and the pant pocket?"

"Yes, I remembered to cut these for our seamstresses. Joshua Eagle would like that personal touch. He's been such a great mentor for us since we graduated from Boulder design school."

"Our sportswear prototypes are almost ready to show our buyers. We have a few weeks before the May Fitness Fair." She put the dishes in the sink. "Let's go for a hike, Crystal. We can brainstorm on color choices for the autumn line while we walk."

"I always get inspired by nature walks." Zoe grabbed water bottles, snack bars, and sliced fruit for their backpacks.

"Yes, we live our dreams!" Crystal locked the design studio. Chanel curled up on the sofa for a nap.

Author Notes
True Colors Fashion Designers, Zoe and Crystal.
Zoe draws and makes up the prototype designs of active wear and dresses.
Crystal shoots fashion shots and designs antique and crystal jewelry.
Joshua Eagle from Flying Eagle Ranch is their design business mentor.


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