- In a blink of an eyeby Colin John
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Just in time
In a blink of an eye by Colin John
Poem about time writing prompt entry

As time flies by in a misty haze
Love comes and goes on sunny days
We never have time to sing in praise
As time has set us in our ways

What kiss did we make when time slowed down?
What film did we watch with a distorted frown?
Does anybody realize that time has the Crown?
The King of Kings below land and on ground

Time is life! And we should all be thankful of that
It tells us to sleep when our eyes are rolling back
It wakes us in the morning, as the alarm rings away
It reminds us to have lunch, in time for a snack

Time, I love you! And then you are gone
In a blink of an eye,no time for goodbye
But you keep our memories safe and forever long
You're back within a second! No time to sigh.

Writing Prompt
Write a four line, four stanza romance poem about time. The second and fourth line in
the first stanza, second and fourth line in second stanza, etc. must rhyme.


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