- Berry Disgustedby Rachelle Allen
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Berry Disgusted by Rachelle Allen
Living in a Garden writing prompt entry

When we moved in, our garden held
vines of strawberries, red.

I was delighted! My heart just swelled!
My very first flowering bed!

I picked ripe ones daily, elated was I
for this treasure that now was all mine.

That is, 'til the day that I happened to spy
A chipmunk with fruit from my vine!

He sat eating breakfast, his tush on the leaves.
He chewed at a languorous pace.

My eyes gaped, my throat choked, I could not believe
I'd had food from that chipmunk's same place.

I ate no more berries; the thought made me hurl.
I wanted no part of that bounty.

The day I'd share food with that small quasi-squirrel
is the day I would move from this county!

Writing Prompt
In a POEM of any style, and to a maximum length of 35 lines, write about a creature or animal that you might find living in a garden or backyard.


Author Notes
I hate rodents. Their fleshy little fingers make me feel as if they could play the piano. Did I mention I just hate them?


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