- The Music of Freedomby Rachelle Allen
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Different songs, same message.
The Music of Freedom by Rachelle Allen
Four for the Fourth writing prompt entry

Here comes the parade
Fifes and drums and bugle corps
Music of our past.

The colonists played
strong battle hymns for the troops.
HOPING for freedom.

"Star Spangled Banner,"
"G-d Bless America," and
"This Is My Country."

These are the songs we
proud Americans sing now.
GRATEFUL for freedom.

Writing Prompt
This is a 'Stacked Five-Seven-Five' contest for the Fourth of July! You are to compose an offering of FOUR 'stacked' 5-7-5's that comprise a SINGLE poem on any topic that is associated with America's July Fourth Celebrations. Remember, one single 5-7-5 is written such that:

first line -- five syllables
second line -- seven syllables
third line -- five syllables

Your poem will be a 'stack' of FOUR of these with a 'Fourth of July' theme.
Everyone knows the Fourth can be different things for different people, and here's your chance to make your 'thing' the one 'thing' we all enjoy!! Your ultimate goal? Make us all want to vote for yours at the polls! :) Ready! Set! Celebrate! :) ;)



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