- The stonemason and apprenticeby Colin John
This work has reached the exceptional level
My first Rondeau Poem
The stonemason and apprentice by Colin John

The Stonemason and his Apprentice.

Hold the stone high, and feel its strength;
Lay it down gently on this old bench;
Pass me the mould, and I will show you how,
you mark on lines for a chisel to plough.
Behold what you see, it will then make sense.

The mallet in my hand you see me clench,
keep your arm in close, not wide or tense.
The first cut is made, swing over the brow.
And feel its strength.

As I work off the face over its barren length.
And clean it down as smooth as a wench;
You can see its flat surface, to then allow,
us to turn the stone, and it's your go now.
You feel your power, this stone is immense,
and feel its strength.



Author Notes
I have had my first two very educational and eye opening poetry lessons on European Poetry. A very tricky poem to write, but really enjoying it and the company.
The photo is of me in about 1980, high on Henry VII chapel, Westminster Abbey.
Where I learnt my trade as a stonemason in my apprenticeship. I then trained as a draughtsman or I should say self taught in those days. I ended up teaching the apprentices before going in the drawing office.
Please note: No Health and safety in those days,i was free to fall to my death. lol
The Tower in the background is Victoria Tower, part of the Houses of Parliament.


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